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AA Photographic Arts Blog

March 10th, 2015

AA Photographic Arts Blog

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Living in a metropolitan area of over 3 million people has a profound effect on the things you notice day in and out. I love to take shots of unusual buildings and manmade industrial equipment to send a unique message of mankindís progress, or lack thereof, in the continual struggle to understand science and ward of the effects of nature. An ancient structure of slowly decaying history, such as the Alamo, or a Spanish Fort speaks volumes to me about the impermeability of man and his toys.

Nature was here before us and will still function long after there are no traces of our existence left on the planet. It is with this mindset that I begin to see what is easy to ignore. Nature is still in us. Man has neither fully dominated nor pushed it aside. Rather, overtime nature blended in so well we often become blind to its existence in our everyday lives.

Around my humble place of residence are scores of unseen plants and animals living, or trying to, in complete harmony with the humans and their industrial machines. Roses, grasses, trees, birds, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, even coyotes and hawks are found living wild in our urban areas.

But finding these animals are a challenge that I often enjoy. Often, they learn to approach humans in a cautionary way. This makes those encounters all the more special.

I feel that every picture has a story and I see photography as a wonderful avenue to explore those stories. Iím not particular about whether I shoot in black and white or in color. I feel that color, or the lack of, is a tool for the artist to help tell the story that the subject is trying to convey to us. The details of what we see or cannot see bring the drama and emotion of the picture to life for an audience.

The limits photography grants upon the artist only inspires more creativity. What I can do with an image is what makes photographic art no different from many of the other arts.

For instance in sculpture, the rock forces the artist to use the rock he is given in a particular way to create his work. Itís the same for photography, while I can manipulate the image in a variety of forms and fashions; I\\\'m forced to use the underlying picture as nature gave it to me. This is the creative challenge that I love about this art.

Andrew Chianese
Owner/Photographic Artist